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8 PRC Advertising Trends you should expect in 2020

發佈時間:12/23/2019    來源:Cardinal digital marketing   作者:Alex Membrillo

1. Union of Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever wondered why companies like Google and Amazon created internet-dependent devices to manage your home’s functions? This was an innovative approach to capture data on people’s behavior. With that information, they’re able to present personalized, relevant ads and experiences depending on your previous actions.This is a form of automation.Companies like Google have access to an enormous amount of information and they use it to create automation systems, which is a system built to understand the patterns of user behavior. This can then be used to advertisers’ advantage.

2. Fewer Organic Results in Internet Searches

How often do you scroll through to the fourth page of the search results when using a search engine? Many studies suggest that internet users are usually satisfied with what they find in the first three pages of search engines.This may not seem like a problem, but in the future experts say that platforms like Google will start to show fewer results and limit the number of web pages for each user’s search.

3. Increase Use of Video Ads Across Channels

Videos are powerful and one of the most effective ways to transmit information. They allow a brand to show their personality, tell their story, and ultimately connect with their audience. It’s easier to relate to a brand when you can visualize it.

4. Use of Different Advertising Platforms

In the world of marketing, the more people you reach, the more customers you’ll likely get at the end of the day.

To do this, it’s necessary to use various platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Amazon Ads. This ensures that you have a broad reach and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers in less time.


5. Advanced Segmentation of Audiences

Audience segmentation refers to the effective grouping of users depending on their needs so that each user sees ads about specific products or services at a specific time.

6. Marketing in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an industry that has grown rapidly in recent years with the advent of the Oculus, the Dell HTC Vive, and other virtual reality technologies that allow you to tap into an alternative world. 

7. Voice Searches Will Continue to Increase

Voice searches are becoming much more popular among mobile device users. By 2020 more than 50% of the searches will be carried out through voice searches.

8. Remarketing Remains Effective 

Remarketing is using a form of advertising on a product or service when a user visits a web page or becomes familiar with your brand but does not make any purchase.


These PPC trends will change the future of digital advertising. Some of them are already happening today, while others are sure to come. It’s important to stay alert to emerging technologies, channels, and behavioral research so that you can adapt and refine your advertising strategy.

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